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PRINTING.COOP is a worker cooperative present in the market of graphic arts . People who work in this cooperative are almost entirely company members, and that means that human capital is the owner of the company, we the workers are our own bosses.


Think about it. The boss is the one who works and owns his work, therefore is the owner of its success. This is one of the main differentiating factors from other companies in the Canada market. Cooperatives are made up by people who not only produce, but also take part on the decision processes that rule the company.


Which do you think will be the degree of involvement of these people with respect to their clients?


PRINTING.COOP, as an online printing company specializing in the printing of magazines, catalogs, books, calendars, brochures, flyers, etc ..., shapes its cooperative principles and puts them to the test every day, because every day we face the challenge of meeting the expectations of new customers entering into our work system.


Think about it again. Don't you think the best place to put your trust on a printer is a place where the workers not only strive to make a living but also put their reputation on stake?


Source: http://imprimeur.coop